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Did you know that 70% of first-time site visitors don't return to your site?

Because of this, you want to make the most impact immediately!

Sure, you can probably create your own website. But are you clear on what you need to attract your ideal customer? Do you know how to create an aesthetically pleasing site that attracts your ideal customers? What is the best aesthetic + styling for your site?

You want to build an audience. I want to help you monetize that audience with an attractive and clean site that makes it clear who you are, what you do, and why you are the best choice for that customer right away!

Let' work together to create more than just a website. But a money-making system that allows you to serve your audience with value content, while driving sales through your clearly written offers.

Help conceptualizing your website design

Aesthetic/ Design ideas to help attract your ideal customer

Help with designing + creating content (blog design + concepts) Your blog can be one of the most powerful sources of traffic for your site. There are more elements than just 'posting blogs'. Learn how to - and get help - building your powerful, high-converting blog!

Help outlining + creating sales funnel from site. How do you get your customer to buy from you with the least amount of steps?

Don't spend money on a site that's not going to perform for you. Get help building from someone who's built sites for over 18 years - and I always build all of our sites + content for ThePoshGirlsClub! Let's build something beautiful together!

The cost is $249 bi-weekly. We will meet once per week (4 x's per month) for 60 minutes to work together to create your site, funnels, blog structure, and more.



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